K. E. Little Safety and Environmental Consulting offers many services for small and large businesses in the greater Southeastern region. We can meet your organization's needs -- from creating full management programs to specialized training videos.

  • Safety Management
          Managing safety can be hard to balance at times. We can help reduce this problem by providing
          a program uniquely created for your organization. We'll stay with you during its implementation
          stage and train key personnel on its maintenance. Once it's up and running, and you find you're
          still lacking the manpower to manage the program, we can continue to help you on a contractual
  • Safety Auditing
          Regular auditing of systems, processes, and activities is very important. It provides a proactive
          environment and helps identify where improvements are needed. Sometimes it helps to have a
          different set of eyes look at what your company is doing. We can visit your location to perform a
          simple walk-through assessment or a complete audit. We will provide you a full detail of our
          findings, as well as the OSHA regulations required to bring your company into compliance.

          If an OSHA compliance officer comes knocking on your door, welcome him into the lobby or a
          conference room, and call us. We'll provide immediate support and tips via phone, or onsite if
          possible. We'll then help you with the corrective actions and guide you through the abatement
          process to help minimize any fines that may have been issued.
  • Procedure Development
          Safety procedures are not always at the top of your list, and you probably don't have the time to
          sit down to write them. It's not wise to use a procedure that you pull off the Internet, because the
          next thing you know, you are committing yourself to steps and processes that are not relevant to
          your operations. We can develop procedures for your company that are specific to your needs.
  • Safety Training
          Training employees is very important. OSHA requires it. Yearly training includes Lockout/
          Tagout, Hazard Communication, Emergency Evacuation, etc. Forklift training and First Aid are
          every three years, and the list goes on. Some training can be performed by a competent,
          knowledgeable person; some require a certified trainer. We can't just put people in front of a
          video and assume that all is well -- we have to make sure the training is thorough and is retained.
          We'll identify the requirements specific to your company, prepare the program and materials,
          and, if possible, schedule the training during off-shift hours.
  • OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Training
          More and more companies are requiring their employees to be trained in the OSHA 10- and
          30-Hour Outreach Training program. People take pride in this achievement -- they're able to
          identify hazards more easily and oftentimes can take care of a problem themselves. However,
          many companies feel that they can't provide this training because of time constraints and lost
          production. We'll look at your company's hours/shifts, then prepare a daily or weekly training
          schedule that will least affect your company's productivity.
  • CPR/First Aid Training
          We all hope we're never put in a situation that requires emergency First Aid or CPR. However,
          in the workplace, accidents do happen -- from minor to severe. It is important that you prepare
          your employees on how to respond. We can provide training and certify your employees in First
          Aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens.
  • First Responders
          A First Responder is an onsite employee who has been trained to respond to an emergency. He is
          expected to take control of the situation, providing guidance and physical aid as needed. We can
          help you identify a team, and train them in the proper techniques to ensure quality care and
          support for your organization.
  • Emergency Evacuation
          Fire and severe weather are not at the forefront of our minds every day, but when the situation
          arises, we must be ready to respond. Having a plan and posted routes are vital to a successful
          evacuation of the building or direction to your severe weather shelter. We are able to prepare
          maps and procedures that allow you to quickly account for everyone's safety. We'll help you
          identify an emergency coordinator and other key personnel, and train them in their roles and
          responsibilities. We can also assist in your annual fire evacuation drills (mandated by OSHA) to
          identify areas of concern and implement corrective actions.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
          Many companies are required to become certified in the ISO 14001 Environmental
          Management System (EMS). This is not a federal or state requirement; however, it is very much
          customer-driven. The requirements of an environmental management program can be very
          overwhelming when first reviewing the standards. Kelly has implemented and managed several
          different programs through the years. He'll do everything possible to teach your team how to
          meet the goals to achieve certification. We will stay with you from start to finish -- coaching and
          training all the way. Even after the certification audit, we'll stick around to handle any non-
          conformances, polishing the program to perfection.
  • Environmental Awareness
          As part of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, it is required to start out with
          "Environmental Awareness" training. We can introduce you and your employees to the
           requirements of EMS and why it is important.
  • Internal Auditing
    Internal Auditing is very much like Safety Auditing; however, an Internal Audit helps you connect the dots in a system. The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System requires that you perform quarterly internal audits. We can prepare a schedule and assist your team in performing these audits.  
  • Risk Assessments
          It's a given that people are at risk in the workplace, especially when operating machinery or
          working in a hazardous environment. Risk assessments are needed to determine the level of risk
          involved in a situation, and what would be the "acceptable level of risk." From the foundry to
          state-of-the-art robotics, Kelly has the experience to accurately assess and communicate possible
          solutions to help turn your hazardous conditions into safer ones.
  • Drug Testing
          We all want a Drug Free Workplace; unfortunately, situations arise that require drug and alcohol
          testing. We can provide random drug testing, as well as testing for post accident and near-misses,
          and reasonable suspicion. We can train your supervisors and managers on how to determine if
          they suspect someone is under the influence and how the process is performed. If you don't have
         an established program, we can prepare one for you.
  • Accident Investigation
          From time to time, accidents occur in the workplace. If you have an accident and need
          someone to take a closer look, we can come in and review the accident with your team and help
          determine a root cause, as well as provide possible corrective actions. We can also provide
          training for your team on how to investigate an accident.
  • Video Production
          Would you like to add the "wow factor" to your presentations? Are you still relying on dry erase
          boards or handwritten notes to convey vital information to your employees? K. E. Little
          Consulting, in conjunction with an in-house production company, can provide customized
          videos. Whether it's a safety video for new employee orientation, a presentation for potential
          clients, or a short promotional to broaden your company's marketshare, we can produce
          affordable, top-quality videos uniquely created to meet your company's needs.