Monday, December 10, 2012


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K. E. Little Safety and Environmental Consulting is a company based out of Birmingham, Alabama, owned by Kelly Little.

Kelly is a dedicated, versatile individual. His extensive experience in safety/environmental management, quality control, purchasing, inventory control, and drafting has allowed him to become well-rounded and knowledgeable to perform multiple tasks within an organization. He enjoys working with people, and helping companies meet their safety and environmental goals.

For the past 19 years, Kelly has had the opportunity to become well versed in safety, environmental and quality programs, including ISO 9000/TS Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental. He has established safety and environmental procedures, training and documentation programs, as well as instituted programs to reduce lost-time accidents, and implement drug testing programs that include pre-employment, post-accident, suspicion testing, and random testing. A pre-employment agility test has also been created to ensure an employee’s capability to perform a job.

With different companies, he either established or maintained successful ISO documentation and training programs. All ISO third-party audits conducted have resulted in successful certification or re-certification. Additionally, he has enjoyed positive critique from third-party auditors regarding the strength of the documentation program in outline and detail.

K. E. Little Safety and Environmental Consulting is the wave of the future. More and more businesses and schools, both large and small, are in need of safety and environmental programs, but are unable to hire a full-time employee to handle meeting the necessary requirements. Whether you need something as simple as first aid or forklift training, or as challenging as the ground-floor establishment of a complete safety/environmental management program, we can assist you. We can be onsite to help you pass a scheduled audit, or within a phone call when the OSHA rep shows up at your door. You'll be glad to personally know someone who cares about you and your company.

Please check out the services that are available and call or email so that we can get started in helping you meet your needs.